by: Jayeel Cornelio PhD, Jozon Lorenzana PhD, & Robbin Dagle (Ateneo de Manila)

status: Work in Progress

Project Overview

This interdisciplinary study aims to investigate a seemingly taken-for-granted reality in the Philippines: the existence of queer Christians. While dominant discourse often depicts hostility between religion and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) community, the lived experiences of queer Christians in a deeply-religious country like the Philippines offer a much more complex story. Through a narrative and ethnographic approach, this study seeks to weave a rich and colorful tapestry of stories from young adult non-heterosexual males across classes and Christian traditions. At the same time, this study also inquires into the sociological sources of their responses to the contradictions and tensions of their queer and religious identities, as seen in the areas of piety, intimacy, relationships, and politics. 

Ethnographies of Philippine Auditory Popular Cultures

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